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2015 Advanced Belt Promotions

kate freeman

Miss Kate Freeman smiles for the camera. A well-deserved new 3rd Degree Black Belt.

aidan daniels

Aidan Daniels is all smiles. One of our youngest 1st Poom (Junior) Black Belts.

alek nate cichocki

Twin Power! Brothers Alek and Nate, after their 1st Poom and Deputy Black Belt promotions!

erynn long katie alltop

Miss Erynn Long and Miss Kate Alltop pose with Master Kevin after an excellent 2nd Poom Black Belt exam.

kelly lacroix

Miss Kelly Lacroix smiles for the camera! Great job! She also had her first tournament experience this year!


From left to right: Randy Vasser, Erynn Long, Kate Alltop, Alex Kelly, Alek Cichocki, Nate Cichocki, and William Pflaum stand ready for their new belts.


All smiles while waiting for their turn to participate at the exam!

smiles 2

Some of these students have been at New Edge for 11 years so far! Great dedication!

max and govind

Max Driscoll, Govind Suresh, Ben Rappolee, and Matthew Lombardi warm up with 3-Kick Combinations.

one step

Randy Vasser, Jason Fox, and other adults demonstrate One-Step Sparring.

kate and kelly

Kate Freeman and Kelly Lacroix demonstrating Hapkido.

9/18/2015 Belt Exams

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