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  • Each form can be viewed in a demonstrational (rotating camera) selection, as well as a slow speed option.
  • Most forms listed above can be viewed in a front-only or rear-only camera view, in addition to the demonstrational and slow options. The rear view is beneficial, as it shows the pattern as you would see an instructor perform it in class.
  • Both DVDs also contain 12 forms created by Senior Grand Master James Sun Hwan Chung, unique to his style of martial art known as Moo Sool Do.
  • The beautifully designed menus are easy to navigate and are broken down into Ranking, Black Belt, and Bonus patterns. Music accompanies each menu screen. The forms are shown in a non-narrative format.

Forms DVD'sTae Kwon Do: A Visual Guide to Forms
Contains all 8 Taegeuk patterns, in addition to Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek, and Pyongwon.

Tang Soo Do: A Visual Guide to Forms
Contains ALL Kicho Hyung patterns, Pyung Ahn patterns, Bassai, all three Naihanchi forms, Sip Soo, Chin Do, Kong Sang Koon, and Ro Hai.