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4-7 year old students can bring their parents, guardians, or any adult mentor to class with them on Saturdays at 9am. Adult members of the class will participate with their 4-7 year olds, learning and developing Taekwondo movements under the supervision of one of the master instructors at New Edge Martial Arts. Basic core and cardio exercises will also be implemented in addition to Taekwondo skills, so that both young and older participants will receive a fun lesson.

8-12 & PARENTS

Starting Saturday, April 2nd, parents, mentors, and guardians can practice together with currently enrolled 8-12 year old students. Warming up with stretches and fitness drills, classes will expand further with Taekwondo-based striking and kicking techniques. Partner exercises and coordination drills found in the weekly sessions will also be covered in this program, allowing students young and old to both get a great workout and enjoy time with family members.

(Note that some Saturdays during the year are closed due to Holiday weekends.)

*There is a drop-in fee of $10/class for adult participants. Parents of enrolled students wishing to sign up for regular training in Taekwondo can purchase a uniform for FREE training in the classes offered during the rest of the week. FREE training in the weekly classes ends when parents decide to test for their yellow belt.